Alex Columbos

There will be better days ahead for us all in Calgary. 

My platform is based on what has built Calgary to where it is today:

  • A can do and positive attitude, where strong opportunity creates economic prosperity to all

  • A willingness to work hard and take appropriate risks; one where anyone can achieve what they set their minds to; and

  • A great place to raise families



My business experiences in small, start up, a Calgary based Global 2000 (one of the world’s 2000 largest companies) and not for profit businesses will bring a unique perspective to City Council and Ward 6 to help make smart, transparent, informed, and realistic decisions.

  • My platform is built on executing the wants and needs of Ward 6 and I will not stand on the sidelines when tough decisions are required for you or all of Calgary.

  • I will also ensure by being proactive that critical issues do not reach a tipping point that could negatively affect us all.


Thank you very much for your support and I look forward to serving all Calgarian’s and most importantly the residents of Ward 6.