Alex Columbos’
Election Platform

On this page, you can learn more about Alex Columbos’ election platform.

Tax Spending should correlate to high value for our citizens and businesses

Government spending is out of control. We are all aware of the economic burden our city is feeling. Alex has personally witnessed a significant tax increase since he moved into Ward 6 - costs are rising while opportunities, wages and work benefits are going down. A continuous 3% yearly property tax increase is not a solution. We must find tax and operational efficiencies in all facets of our municipal programs while working hard to ensure Government is held accountable.

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Ensuring ESSENTIAL and affordable programs are present to raise a family with a healthy work life balance

We must create and accelerate affordable programs to ensure healthy communities for families, so people can get back to work and businesses can afford to compensate qualified personnel. Notwithstanding the realities of our current economic climate; too many families are handcuffed by the costs of living in Calgary. Children should not be spending more time than they have to in before or after care so their parents can maintain a standard of life for their family.

Ensuring essential programs are available for ALL family members will keep Ward 6 and Calgary thriving.

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Standing Up For Our Business Community

The cost of doing business in Calgary is no longer sustainable to achieving economic prosperity. This has created significant hardship for all Calgarians. Diversification of our economy should run parallel with maximizing our energy industry and existing business community.

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Securing the Resources Required for our Children’s Schools

All families should have access to the best and most appropriate School programs for their children’s needs. We should not be burdened with increased fees and challenging logistics to get our kids to and from school. We must work with our education officials to ensure all our schools (Public, Catholic, Independent and Charter) and their facilities and curriculum are kept to the highest of standards. This includes transportation and affordable fees to accommodate an environment which allows kids to thrive and our teachers to teach effectively.

As a father of two, Alex know the importance that school and teachers play in our daily lives - our schools should always be a priority.

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Capital Efficiency and Long Term Planning for Critical Infrastructure

We can no longer afford to have critical city projects be not brought forth, stalled, run over budget and not be delivered on time. We must ensure processes are in place for critical infrastructure to be developed with stakeholder input in a capital efficient and timely manner. This includes evaluating private public partnerships where necessary.

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Keeping Communities Safe and Thriving

There has been an increase in crime, largely as a result of the current economic climate which has driven people to make poor decisions. Ensuring safe communities while providing appropriate resources to health and wellness programs is a key priority. Alex will work with our police, fire department, medical staff and EMS to provide adequate resources so they can effectively do their job and so our communities and citizens are kept safe and healthy.

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