There will be clearer days ahead for

all of us in Calgary

"Raising a family in a two parent working household in Ward 6 has helped me understand the issues facing you and our kids programs, while having a balanced professional career." - Alex Columbos


Entering this race to represent over 90,000 people from Ward 6 and indirectly over 1 million Calgarians is a decision Alex does not take lightly.

He is committed to gather and assess information for the common good and to serve individuals, businesses, and our communities.

As a city councillor he will participate in policy setting, the law making process and will ensure these are carried out with the highest of governance standards.

A Few Words
About Alex Columbos

Alex's business experiences in small, start up, a Calgary based Global 2000 (one of the world’s 2000 largest companies) and not for profit businesses will bring a unique perspective to City Council and Ward 6 to help make smart, transparent, informed, and realistic decisions.

Alex's platform is built on executing the wants and needs of Ward 6 and he will not stand on the sidelines when tough decisions are required for you or all of Calgary. He will also ensure by being proactive that critical issues do not reach a tipping point that could negatively affect us all.

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Come help in any way you can. Lawn signs, Cheque or E-Transfer donations, helping out with campaign information and door knocking or any other questions or concerns - Alex wants to hear from you!

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Make a Donation

If you share the ideals of Alex Columbos and would like to help him improve ward 6 and the whole city, feel free to donate any amount of money you can offer him and his professional team. Donations can be made via cheque or e-transfer and please contact us to do so.

Please note there is no tax receipt and all donations for this campaign are not tax deductible.
All contributions are subject to the Province of Alberta Local Authority Election Act.